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Coaching with Substance

Sponsor Someone's Recovery from Addiction

To set up sponsorship for people suffering from often a debilatating addiction problem. The client receives coaching so that they can set clear goals regarding their recovery and on going sobriety.

Recovery coaches can also help individuals transition through the continuum of addiction treatment (i.e., from detox to aftercare). Finally, recovery coaches can help individuals sustain their recovery after the formal addiction treatment component has been completed through consultation, skills training, and, of course, coaching.

According to Dr Loveland, Phd (2005), most individuals who enter an addiction treatment program present with multiple problems in living;

Such as comorbid psychiatric disorders or medical conditions in addition to their substance use disorder (Chen et al., 2004; Gutman, Ketterlinus, & McLellan, 2003; Shwartz, Baker, Mulvey, & Plough, 1997; Stein & Friedman, 2002; McLellan et al., 1994).

Adversely, most treatment providers are not equipped to address these interrelated issues beyond a person's substance abuse behaviors (McLellan et al., 1999; Friedmann, Alexander, Jin, & D'Aunno, 1999; Etheridge, Craddock, Dunteman, & Hubbard, 1995).

These co-occurring conditions, disorders, and unresolved problems in daily living (e.g., lack of affordable housing, unemployment) can undermine or, at least, diminish the impact of effective treatment interventions and lead to disengagement (Blomqvist, 1996; Godley et al., 2004; Grella et al., 1996; Larimer & Kilmer, 2000).

Conversely, access to and receipt of a comprehensive array of medical, psychiatric and psychosocial services has been shown to improve engagement, retention, and treatment outcomes for individuals receiving addiction treatment services (Hser et al., 1999; McLellan et al., 1993 & 1994; Pringle et al., 2002).

Unfortunately, the availability and overall range of these ancillary services provided by addiction treatment organisations has diminished over time (Etheridge, Hubbard, Anderson, Craddock, & Flynn, 1997; Hser et al., 1999; McLellan et al., 1999; Friedmann et al., 1999; Durkin, 2002).

As a sponsor, your money goes towards the direct delivery of Recovery Coaching. When you sponsor a session, you receive a report of the coaching session delivered and what were the objectives and tasks set for that particular session.

You get to choose to see it through and sponsor more sessions for this particular client or simply choose someone else to sponsor.

If you sponsor a complete series, then you get to pick one person from their anonymous one-page story and ensure they will continue to get coaching from beginning to end.

You can choose to pay in full ($1080) or have recurring monthly payment deducted from your credit card or bank account of $90 per month for a year.

How will the funds be used?

Each session is $90 to deliver, of which costs $1080 in total for a client to complete a successful coaching series.

As well, there are staff, marketing and administration costs involved in running our charitable coaching servies, which costs nothing to clients that need it or are referred to us.


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