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Matthew Ames was 39 years old when what started as a sore throat resulted in the loss of all four of his limbs. He had contracted streptococcal resulting in toxic shock and was never expected to survive. Now 6 months later Matthew has beaten the odds, spurred on by the fact that he is the father of four young children aged between two and nine and husband of a very dedicated wife determined to grow old with him.

Matthew's Challenge

Since his limbs were removed, Matthew has been faced with incredible challenges. Some of the biggest have been in knowledge available to him about his prospects and ideas about how much he should expect to be able to do. He is one of very few quadruple amputees in Australia, let alone globally. His limbs are significantly shorter than most and at present he relies entirely on his core strength to sit upright and move.  Matthew has developed his own ideas about what he needs, and the simple tasks of being able to walk unassisted and feed himself are at the top of the list.

This campaign will primarily be to raise funds for new arms and legs for Matthew - where and how this will take place is very much in its infancy as we are learning day by day the opportunities available.

Independence in his home, mobility and some sense of normality will also be critical for Matthew and carers, lifts, cars, modifications and many other unknowns will be required to help Matthew in this journey.

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