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Our small not-for-profit charity is collecting funds from donors so that we can channel monies raised directly into the support of research into retinal diseases.

Our Australian researches are collaborating with their colleagues world-wide in research with respect to finding treatments for particular inherited retinal degenerative diseases. They have played a significant role in assisting with the development of recently published gene therapies which have resulted in successfully improving vision of patients in clinical trials, without side-effects. With these landmark results, proof of principle is given, that gene therapy in retinal disease is possible. Scientists are now able to substitute a healthy gene in the retina, replacing the defective one, once the actual type of defective gene has been diagnosed.

Funding for research is now more important than ever with these incredible breakthroughs happening throughout the world. The Australian involvement would not have been possible except for the generous contributions of people like yourselves who have assisted us o fund scientists working in this field.

As a consequence of donations to date, in excess of 20,000 Australians who suffer severe vision impairment due to an inherited retinal disease, now have hope that in their lifetime, treatments will be identified for their personal strain of retinal disease and with appropriate treatment, they may see more clearly. But we need more funds to ensure that in time, this hope will become a reality.

How will the funds be used?

Funds raised from your donations will be used to support research in Australia. In particular the Western Australian based Inherited Retinal Disease Register and DNA Bank needs significant funds to be able to collect and analyse DNA samples from persons suffering retinal disease throughout the length and breadth of Australia. The majority of funds raised through this program will be expended on this project.

In addition, Retina Australia (Vic) Inc., through its Australian organisation, funds individual researchers and PhD students with their endeavours to find a treatment or a cure for specific retinal diseases. Each year, researchers apply for these grants and dependent on funds raised, and the amount of money requested for the individual research project, the number of researchers assisted in this manner is determined. It is our intention to fund more such projects from monies raised through this appeal.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Funding for projects of individual Australian researchers into finding treatments or cures for inherited retinal disease.
Contribution towards the Inherited Retinal Disease Register and DNA Bank to assist with their project of collecting Australian DNA samples.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, when Retina Australia Vic Inc is able