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Richmond Fellowship WA (RFWA) is a leading Mental Health agency that strives to support individuals with mental health issues and to support them on their 'recovery' journey.

We all face life challenges that interrupt us from time to time. At RFWA we realise that such life interruptions can be devastating and that people need support to recover - by this we mean to rebuild a meaningful life - this may include rebuilding following trauma, discrimination, abuse and navigating difficult relationship experiences and intense emotional overwhelm.

Mental health recovery is about asking what it takes to have a good life and supporting people to find their way. Although, this is different for us all in some ways the fact is that we all want similar things - a safe place to live, something meaningful to do and someone to love.

As a non-government organisation RFWA aims to develop environments and programs that integrate key elements of recovery with accommodation, support services and specialist, evidence based training.

Our programs include accommodation services, outreach services, carer services, Hearing Voices Network, education and training as well as student placement services.

It is our aim that all our programs work toward supporting the journey toward wellbeing and rebuilding a meaningful life - this is what we call the Recovery journey.

How can your gift help us?

By making a tax deductible donation you are helping us in supporting thousands of people navigate mental distress. $25.00 will help to:
  • Produce fact sheets that provide information, raises awareness of the Recovery approach and reduce stigma about Mental Health.
  • Produce additional mental health and wellbeing resources to be distributed directly to the consumer and their families.
$50.00 will help to:
  • Increase our network of peer support groups.
  • Help us with our carer respite initiatives such as breakaways, and other activities.
$100.00 will help to:
  • Purchase more accommodation and to provide increased community support.
  • Build a training centre to educate the community, support workers and families on Recovery based approaches.
Thank you for choosing to donate. By adding to our fundraising efforts you're making a difference in the lives of many people living with mental health distress. See for further information about our programs and recovery stories.

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32 Burton Street

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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