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Rice Scholarships


Students livng in Cambodia who come from poor or disadvantaged familes are selected by School Principals and Village Leaders to be part of this simple yet very effective program.

We know that many families are forced to remove their children from school so that they can help the family by earning a small wage - this is usually by collecting rubbish and then selling it for very small amounts of cash. The Rice Scholarship program provides 10kg of rice per month to each family, in return for children having excellent school attendance. This Rice Scholarship offsets the income potentially lost from the family because the child is at school. 

Our In-Country Coordinator monitors this program monthly with each partipating school and when the students have 85% or better attendance, they and their family receives the Rice scholarship. Special circumstances such as illness, family emergency etc are all factored in and the student is not penalised for not attending in these circumstances.

When we commenced this program, the attendance of these students was around 35%. Since the program has been in place, student attendance is dramatically better, with all students achieving 85% (or better) attendance each month!!!

The cost of the program is AU$10 per month (AU$120 per year) per student.


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