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Most Australians understand the importance of fairness, justice and equality. But human rights stories can be pretty negative. We don´t really want to engage with things that seem hopeless or consistently pessimistic. The aim of Right Now is to provide inspiring and informed discussion of human rights issues in Australia.

We have been publishing writing and art on human rights since 2007. Each month, we tackle a particular theme through feature articles that allow a diverse range of authors - including journalists, academics, former judges and human rights defenders - to delve into human rights in all their complexity. We also interview prominent human rights experts and commentators as well as review human rights related events, books, films and music. We also publish a variety of fiction, visual art and poetry that engages both the heart and the mind. Creative responses to human rights can often be the most powerful means of broaching difficult topics.

How the funds will be used:

Your pledges will be used to hire a professional web designer who will develop a new Right Now website that will make human rights more accessible and more engaging for our readers. Some of the features of the new website include:
  • Mobile optimised website - so that you can read our articles on your phone in a mobile-friendly format.
  • Writer and artist profiles - our writers and artists will be featured in their own profile page with a list of their published articles and creative works.
  • More curated content - we will be able to feature editors´ picks, list our most popular articles and group our content thematically.
  • Improved search functionality - there will be an advanced search feature that will allow readers to filters articles by themes, times and keywords.
  • Greater social media integration - this will make it easier for readers to share our content with their network of friends through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.
  • If we exceed our target, the funds will go towards the development of a Right Now app so that you can access our stories on-the-go and receive notifications whenever a new article is published.

Are donations tax deductible? No

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Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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