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RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees)

RISE Advocacy


RISE Advocacy

The RISE advocacy portfolio is controlled and driven by refugees for refugees. The portfolio was first created in RISE in 2010. Since and even before the portfolio’s inception RISE has been inundated with requests from our members for advocacy support in a number of areas. About 95% of our membership consists of asylum seekers and refugees who arrived by boat and have been or are currently detained administratively and indefinitely under Australia’s mandatory detention laws. The core function of the portfolio has been advocacy casework, where each request for assistance has been recorded, managed and monitored by the RISE advocacy team to ensure the person is eventually able to get the support to resolve the matter they sort assistance for.

Unfortunately the most challenging task faced by RISE has been in finding financial resources to support this critical work. It is remarkable and indicative of the drive and motivation of a team that consists of members of our own community that it has been running from its inception in 2010 without a break, with almost no monetary funds. Advocacy casework driven by and for one of the most oppressed communities is unfortunately, more than often, not considered to be a priority by those who have the social and financial capital to support such initiatives and it is very rare and unique for entities who have the means to provide such resources to have the vision and insight to fund and support true self empowerment in the form of self-advocacy and representation in platforms that are run and self-determined by those who have direct experience of the issue they are advocating for.

Currently we have only 1 part time paid staff member who co-ordinates this portfolio and few volunteers. At present the part time staff member is too stretched to be able to manage the current caseload of 5-10 requests from RISE members a week as well as coordinate and supervise volunteers. Considering such challenges faced by those running this portfolio, we have temporarily stopped taking new members to register in this area.

We ask the public to support our Advocacy work by making a tax deductible donation and your donation will help us to:

  • Hire a full time staff member and advocacy volunteer coordinator
  • Identifying systemic issues and gaps affecting RISE members from casework and reporting to and briefing other RISE project coordinators and decision makers on this
  • Strengthen ongoing strategic planning
  • Providing feedback and input to and about advocacy campaigns
  • Liaising with legal support services and independent rights monitoring agencies to get the best outcome for our members.
  • Traveling to relevant sites (eg community legal centres, courts, tribunals etc) to help support and get the best outcome for RISE members’ cases.

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