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River Run 2020 - Geelong


River's Gift are delighted to again be the partnering charity for Geelong's "River Run" in February 2020!

River’s Gift was established in November 2011, to raise funds for research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The charity was created in honour of River Jak Adam Waddell, son of Alex and Karl Waddell, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep at just 128 days of age.

River was a healthy and happy baby boy, with no symptoms of any illness. He was put to bed in his cot, on his back, on the night of the 6 November – he was slept safely as per the recommended guidelines, breastfed by Alex who didn’t drink or smoke - yet still fell victim to this devastating condition.

River’s Gift has grown rapidly over the past eight years and is now governed by a dedicate and passionate Board of Directors.

River's Gift have formed a solid footprint in the world of SIDS Research, both locally in Australia and on international grounds. To date, we have funded three Australian early-career researchers to undertake fellowships at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA. Working with the world's leading SIDS research specialists, our researchers are specifically focusing on the development of neuro-diagnostic methods to enhance the identification of infants who may have a vulnerability to SIDS. In addition to the work at Boston Children’s Hospital, we’re currently funding a 3 year genetic SIDS project through the University of South Australia, with a view to discovering diagnostic genetic markers for infants that are predisposed to a sudden and unexpected death in infancy. River's Gift's total financial commitment to this project amounts to $100,000 and commenced in July 2019.

It is research efforts like this, with leading scientific research teams, that promote the fusion and integration of expert knowledge, new learnings, research development and the enhancement of awareness across the globe.

River’s Gift, together with our devoted sponsors and supporters will endeavour to keep Stamping Out SIDS!

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