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Despite extensive efforts by First Nations Peoples, scientists and environmental protection groups, our current laws have not stopped the key known threats all living communities face today. They have not stopped runaway climate change, they have not stopped new coal mines, excessive land clearing or land based marine pollution. 

Time and time again, we see the legal rights of corporations take priority over the legal rights of local communities and the living world. 

We need radically different laws that protect the rights of the living world to exist, thrive and evolve.  And we need laws that enable communities to defend the rights of nature.


Your donation will directly support the work of AELA's volunteer lawyers and Earth advocates, and will directly support AELA's 2018 work, advocating for the Rights of Nature and the Rights of the Reef:

  • In August, AELA launched an innovative campaign and petition for the Rights of the Great Barrier Reef. The campaign aims to advocate for - and raise awareness about - radically different laws that communities can support, to protect the living world.  AELA has drafted three model laws, showing how the Rights of the Reef can be enshrined in Queensland and Australian law.  AELA will be taking these draft laws to politicians and showing community groups how they can advocate for Rights of Nature laws.

  • On 27 October 2018, AELA is hosting a Peoples Tribunal for the Rights of Nature, to draw attention to the failures of the current legal system and to show how a different paradigm of law and governance is possible.  The Peoples Tribunal is a powerful forum for people to speak on behalf of Australia’s threatened ecosystems and wildlife.


You can commit to a single donation or show your ongoing support with a monthly donation.

As an unfunded organisation managed and run by volunteer lawyers and other professionals, AELA's work is only possible with financial support from our amazing supporters - like YOU!

Your donation today will ensure AELA can keep working to provide a voice for ecosystems, plants and animals, that cannot defend themselves.

Further information about AELA's Rights of Nature Tribunal can be found here. The Tribunal is being held on Saturday 27th October 2018, at Banco Court, QEII Courts of Law Complex, 415 George St, Brisbane.

Attendance is open to the public and you can book your place by visiting the Tribunal website.


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