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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a severe, complex, acquired illness with numerous symptoms related mainly to the dysfunction of the brain, gastro-intestinal, immune, endocrine and cardiac systems. Symptoms include:
    • overwhelming post-exertional fatigue from mental or physical activity
    • dysfunctional sleep
    • pain
    • problems with memory
    • sensitivity to light, touch and sound
    • problems with standing and balance
    • problems with body temperature and weight
    • recurrent flu-like symptoms
    All or a combination of which, that persist for at least six months in adults, or three months in children.

     ME/CFS affects men, women and children of all ages, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. It strikes 0.5% of the population.  Across Australia, that represents well over 100,000 people and their families.  In essence, it means that almost everybody knows someone whose life has been significantly impacted on by ME/CFS.

     Please help us support people win South Australia with ME/CFS.  Your donations will help to subsidise the cost of membership of ME/CFS sufferers under financial strain from the illness due to their inability to work.  We have made our membership affordable to all sufferers, as we believe they all have a right to be a member, and we want our membership to be representative of the impact of the illness on our community.  Our organisation is run entirely by volunteers and receives no government funding at all, despite the disease costing Australian society approximately $500m.

     To our members, isolation is often an issue.  Because many members are housebound by their disabilities - and in the worst cases bed-bound - links provided by modern technologies are critical.  We run a regular email bulletin, a quarterly journal and SMS texting service to keep members in touch with us and each other.  We have a Facebook page at hundreds of members joined up.  And we have a world-renowned site at which has over a quarter of a million unique hits per year, from all over the globe. In this way we can service members in their homes.

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