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Safe Funds for women experiencing domestic abuse

$1,562 raised of $50,000 goal
$1,562 raised of $50,000 goal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many women and children experiencing domestic violence were isolated with their abuser, and the frequency and severity of their abuse increased. 

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, our members are telling us that women are accessing their DV services in large numbers to seek help, and services are struggling to meet their complex needs, including housing, job and financial insecurity. It is not surprising that many women are in financial crisis as recent research by the University of NSW shows anywhere between 79 and 99 percent of women experiencing DV also experience financial abuse. 

We know from frontline workers that many abusers restrict women’s access to banking and finances, so we are working on a way to get Safe Funds to survivors in a way that is difficult for her abuser to detect. Access to some extra funds can - quite literally - be a lifesaver for a woman escaping abuse, especially if she is leaving with children.

This is why WESNET’s Safety Net Australia is raising money to distribute to women experiencing DV. Donated funds are distributed via 320 frontline DV services Australia-wide, along with tech safety education to assist a woman to protect her devices and online accounts from her abuser.

After a woman has received a tech safety assessment and support, funds will be distributed safely, discreetly and separately to any existing financial account.  

We need your help to urgently raise $50,000 to distribute to women reaching out to DV services for help. 

Please donate to WESNET’s Safety Net Australia ‘Safe Funds’ campaign and help us raise $50,000 for women in need.

Your donation will go directly to the woman, along with tech safety education, so she can meet her and her children's immediate needs. Eg. she may be unable to buy the brand of baby formula she needs with the gift cards she has been given at the refuge, she may have urgent medical, pathology or pharmaceutical expenses, she may need transport and/or parking for hospital, medical, DV support, police or court appointments, or she may need to transport or rehome her animals.

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