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The Deli Women & Children's Centre

Safe Haven Project


Safe Haven Project has been created to fundraise for local domestic violence services.

Many domestic violence services have to maintain a low public profile, to preserve the safe havens they provide for their clients seeking safety and support. They also need funds, hence the benefit of a public face like Safe Haven Project undertaking this important fundraising work on their behalf.

Women experiencing domestic violence may have several hurdles to overcome to access services which can support them. ​They need to recognise that something is wrong; be strong enough to seek support; be able to locate relevant services; account for their absence from the home without raising suspicion. 

​Services supported by Safe Haven work following best practice principles, to meet women where they are on their journey and walk beside them on their liberation from abuse. We appreciate your understanding of the complexities of the circumstances and work that these services undertake.

After all, we all share the common goal to keep women and children safe from violence and abuse.

​Thank you for your support.


The Deli Women & Children’s Centre is managing the funds administration for the Safe Haven Project

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