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Rhinos are being killed for their horn. If we can break the desire to consume and reduce the demand for horn, the poaching will stop.

This means creating campaigns directly targeting the buyers of rhino horn in Viet Nam and China. For this we must understand why they 'currently' buy horn and find out what would motivate them to stop buying rhino horn.

Breaking The Brand has done all of this work for Viet Nam-the country seen as the key player in the current rhino poaching crisis. We have also started this analysis for China. For Viet Nam, we have identified the primary buyers and uncovered their motivations to buy and their motivations to stop buying. We have also designed a complete process for creating highly targeted demand reduction campaigns and a model that clarifies the difference between what constitutes a demand reduction campaign compared to an education campaign or an awareness-raising campaign:

This process and model can be applied to other wildlife being illegally poached and traded.

As a result, Breaking The Brand has now run several demand reduction campaigns in Viet Nam, each time using messages that trigger the buyers' motivations to stop buying.

With these demand reduction efforts and the work being done in range countries, rhino poaching is no longer growing exponentially:

This gives the rhino a chance to survive the threat of extinction. Now we need poaching rates to continue this downward trend until rhino poaching stops, this means continuing to run demand reduction campaigns.

Breaking The Brand is 100% volunteer run and all of the funds raised go directly to creating and publishing campaigns. Our aim, for the coming two years, is to run demand reduction campaigns permanently in Viet Nam, until there is a collapse in the demand for rhino horn.

It is vital that there aren't any big gaps between each of the campaigns. We know from learning from anti-tobacco and road safety campaigns, you get the best chance of success in changing behaviours when the campaigns run pretty much all the time, to keep the messages alive in people's minds.

If you can make a one-off donation or a monthly donation, that would help immensely. With any donation, you will be making a real difference to rhino populations around the world!

Thank you for supporting this vital project. The Breaking The Brand team.






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