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Help save our Bill!


From 2018-19 to 2019-2020, our centre will lose $200,000. Without this renewed funding, the capacity of our Centre to assist vulnerable people is at risk.

This funding shortfall will result directly in the reduction of services across MLC’s General, Youth, Family Law and Employment Legal Services. In real terms, this means we lose funding for our employment lawyer, Bill “The Warhorse” Clarke. Bill is nicknamed the Warhorse because he tramples shifty employers, winning positive outcomes for people in need.

Bill assists high-need clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds who are vulnerable to exploitation from unethical employers. These employers take advantage of CALD and migrant workers, exploiting their vulnerability to get away with wage theft, discrimination, poor working conditions and unfair dismissal.

Marcia* worked for a small family business for eight years. The business was owned and operated by Marcia’s nephew, who had a history of bullying staff. After witnessing and speaking against abuse in the workplace, Marcia’s nephew pushed her to the ground and told her she was fired. Bill was able to help Marcia, a migrant worker and sole carer for her ailing mother, to recover lost wages plus $20,000 in penalties in the Federal Circuit Court.

Harry, Sue, Bob & Ted* from China all worked together as IT professionals for a corporation. After a corporate board infight, Harry, Sue, Bob & Ted had their employment terminated and all their pay and entitlements withheld.

With Bill and MLC’s help, Harry, Sue, Bob & Ted were able to recover over $120,000 in unpaid wages and entitlements. The fight isn't over yet, as they're still seeking another $60,000 in leave loading and penalties. 

So what do we need right now to save our Bill and keep The Warhorse fighting?


Our goal is ambitious, but achievable. All that we ask is your help to keep Bill’s role funded until September 2019. If you can help us reach $20,000, we can keep Bill fighting for justice at MLC until we can begin funding the position through penalties imposed on Sydney’s shiftiest employers.

This end of financial year, help us sustain our employment law service. Help us save our Bill so he can continue his critical work advocating for CALD and migrant workers.

This is one Bill our community cannot afford to lose.

*Real names not used.

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