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SAVE Projects inc.

SAVE Projects inc


SAVE Projects inc. exist to address the basic needs and essential living expenses, educational and professional Social Services of children and young adults in need, in both Australia and in developing countries. 

For further information on specific Projects that SAVE are currently working on, please visit our Website or Facebook Page.


Sponsor for education  $30

A donation of $30 can purchase a school uniform for a child or school supplies ensuring that they can continue with an education regardless of their circumstances. 

Sponsor a Food Package  $25

A donation of $25 will buy a 25kg bag of Maize Meal, a staple food for many children in Africa.  One bag of Maize Meal can feed 30 children for a week OR can provide basic necessities for a child here in Australia who is a victim of domestic violence.

Sponsor our Christmas Love Project $25

Every year we send Christmas gifts to the children of Uthando House Place of Safety in South Africa.  These children are victims of abuse and trafficking.  Help us to spread the love at Christmas by sponsoring a Christmas package.

Sponsor our Building & Furniture Fund $20

Imagine having no where to sit, no where to sit and do homework, having to share a bed or sleep on an old broken bed or no playground equipment to play on.  Our Building & Furniture Fund helps to buy much needed furniture items for children in need as well as helping towards building projects like new playgrounds.

Sponsor a stationary pack $10

In alignment with RizeUps Rize4Liam program, sponsorship of a stationary pack can help a child who is a victim of domestic violence with a stationary pack if they need to be relocated and change schools.

Sponsor a vegetable seedling pack  $5

Our Food Security Project at Uthando House Place of Safety in 2016 not only brought running water to the centre but was the beginning of their food security program.  Purchase of new seedlings regularly ensures that they can continue to grow, harvest and consume their own food.  This is a great donation for youngsters to make from their pocket money or doing 'chores' and lets them experience the joy of making a difference.



Our objective at is to provide relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, destitution and helplessness with a particular emphasis on aiding, educating, protecting and developing children and young adults in Australia and in developing countries as approved by the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent) from time to time.

SAVE Projects inc:

  • Providing funding for basic living expenses to children and young adults where they have limited or no income
  • Providing funding for the services of professional social workers to council children and young adults, specifically the victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse
  • Developing relationships within local communities to aid in educational opportunities for children and young adults in need
  • Providing access to therapeutic services for children and young adults in need
  • Providing safe transportations for children and young adults to school, educational activities and therapeutic services
  • Developing relationships within local communities to aid in the employment and housing of young adults

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