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Equipment for Hamoon Clinic

Afghanistan has been labelled the most dangerous country for women. According to the United Nations mission to the country one in every 16 women of reproductive health died in childbirth in 2011. For every one that dies, five or six have permanent damage.

This appeal is for Hamoon Clinic, a small medical center in Farah province, situated at the far west of Afghanistan close to the border of Iran. Despite having the largest area of all provinces and a population of around 900,000 people, only one ill-equipped hospital exists in the entire province. People go to major cities like Herat and Kandahar even for minor treatment.

Hamoon Clinic was established in 2003 to provide free treatment to the poor people of Farah. Despite its small size it plays a great role in delivering basic health care to Farah people, particularly women and children who have been denied access to proper health care. Two doctors and two nurses treat about 150 patients per day but have to send many more away.

A new ambulance bought by SAWA-Australia (SA) in 2014 is saving lives by reducing travel times to treatment from days to hours. In his thank you address for the new ambulance the director of the clinic said: "All of us regardless of belonging to any ethnic group and nation and in which corner of the world we are living, in fact we are following the same path. It is that goal which makes us closer and closer to each other and that is the feeling of humanity that we have."

In 2015 SAWA-Australia (SA) could provide the clinic with a portable ultrasound. More funds are required to supply the clinic with essential equipment such as a portable X-ray.

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