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Educate & care for mentally & physically challenged children


Your donation will support the education care and support for mentally & physically challenged children and their families.
Mithra began in 1977 and was founded by Sister Mary Theodore in response to a serious need she saw in the slums of Chennai (Madras) India.  Sister Mary Theodore was a Catholic Missionary nun who grew up in Brisbane and was called to India in 1951.
In the late 1970s Sr Mary Theodore saw that children with disabilities from poor families were neglected. Her mission was to convince their parents that all of these children had potential and could be educated and rehabilitated.   After she acquired the land on the outskirts of the suburb of Anna Nagar, she and her helpers would visit families and win their trust and confidence.
She encouraged the parents to bring these children to her new centre. The original Mithra was built with the simple and typical South Indian thatched building materials, until Sister could visit friends and family in Australia to seek donations, and build more substantial buildings.
Mithra was the first of its kind in India.
Sister Mary Theodore received the Order of Australia Medal for her diligent efforts with these children.  
Where does the money you donated go?
Your donations are graciously received.  These funds assist the teachers, allied health team and volunteers to provide critical services to the children. 
There are over 150 children and their families who benefit from Mithra.  Many children live on site.  The children are provided with nutritious food, uniforms, safety and security and accommodation.
 We have recently started a lifeskills program, which assists the children in managing simple activities such as ironing, money handling, cleaning, bed making, cooking and washing.  The aim is to prepare the children in skills that will hopefully help them earn money and eventually assist them in seeking employment, which will benefit not only themselves but their families.
Your donations support all these activities and we are very grateful for your ongoing support, collaboration and compassion for these children.


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.