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SCIN has partnered with Wellways Australia (Gippsland branch) to deliver free lived expereince speaker training to members of the LGBTIQ community who wish to tell thier stories to advocate for LGBTIQ inclusive mainstaream services in Gippsland. Due to the lack of LGBTIQ specific services in rural and regional towns, LGBTIQ people are often called upon to speak publicaly about thier lived expereinces of being LGBTIQ and accessing local services. These stories can be challenging to tell and triggering for some due to trauma and feelings of social isloation. 

This project aims to develop an online portal accessible through the SCIN webiste to provide peer support and educational resources to LGBTIQ people who particpapate in the Wellways Lived Expereince training (avaible online and face to face). The stimated cost of developing this portal is $5000.

SCIn Inc provides evidence-informed interactive workshops for mainstream service providers including healthcare settings and local councils regarding LGBTIQ inclusive practice. We use a lived expereince stry telling approach to influence the 'hearts and minds' of participants and increase thier commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people in the local community. We are based in Bass Coast in Victoria and work within rural and regional communities across Gippsland. 

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