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Fresh food rescue to benefit poverty, hunger and our enviro

SecondBite is committed to ensuring that good fresh food does not go to waste, but instead to people who really need it.

SecondBite sources and redistributes surplus fresh food daily to over 1,200 community food programs that provide vital support for Australians in need. SecondBite also develops nutrition training programs, SecondBite's Fresh NED and FoodMate by SecondBite, to build long-term skills and self-reliance in healthy eating for vulnerable people.

In 2014, SecondBite redistributed over 5.6 million kg of fresh food, providing in excess of 11.2 million much-needed healthy meals for vulnerable people in need across Australia; people experiencing homelessness, women and families in crisis, youth at risk, indigenous communities, asylum seekers and new arrivals.

At the same time, each 1 million kg of fresh food redistributed saved the equivalent of 39 Olympic swimming pools of embodied water, enough energy for your TV being on for 1,245 years and prevented the emission from landfill of more than 6 million kg of poisonous methane gas.

Our work is only possible due to the social awareness and ongoing generosity of our financial supporters, food donors and over 630 wonderful volunteers.

With everyone's continued and growing support, we look forward to achieving so much more!

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