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Seymour Puckapunyal Community Radio Inc.

Transmission tower rebuild and studio relocation


On 4 July 2020, the Seymour FM Community Radio Transmission site building at Granite Park was ransacked and destroyed by fire.

Years of hard work, fundraising and support from many local groups saw the transmission tower operational in 2014, providing news, information, music and entertainment to the people of Seymour and district.  This attack and the resulting setback is truly devastating. 

2020 has already been a hard for 103.9 Seymour FM. The radio station was planning to relocate to a larger building but such plans are currently at a halt due to COVID-19 and the financial impacts on local businesses. Seymour FM’s wonderful relationship with local businesses, who as sponsors are a large part of the revenue base, has kept the radio station on air for close to a decade. With plans to fundraise for the relocation hampered, the burglary and arson is a further blow to this dedicated volunteer group.

About the transmitter: The transmitter site is located at Granite Park, 5km South-East of the Seymour township and is located on an elevated location, with excellent views of the district from the top of the mast which is 42 metres above ground.

The transmitter was constructed with the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. With considerable support from the local community, the facility was fully built and is maintained by volunteers. 

In late 2014 tests on the regulation output power showed a vast improvement to coverage, demonstrating that the station can be heard uninterrupted in the car throughout the region, and on standard radios indoors throughout the district. The station improved its coverage in the region and listening area which was a huge triumph for the volunteers who worked diligently on the project over many months. 

About our studio relocation: Currently, the Seymour FM studio is located at Kings Park, Seymour. A welcome increase to volunteer numbers and a concurrent reduction in allocated space means that Seymour FM needs to relocate. A new studio site has been found and relocation plans implemented in early 2020.

A unique fundraising concert event, planned for April 2020 had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 and tickets sold have been refunded. Local sponsorship is vital for Seymour FM to stay on air to serve the local community.   So many local businesses have been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic and consequently, the sponsorship support has been reduced significantly. 

The new studio site has space for training, office space, kitchen facilities, storage space and, with some minor renovation works, the ability to set up an additional, much needed studio.   Space for our volunteers to research and prepare their shows and engage with other volunteers will provide a facility not available to us now.   

The move is a massive task.  Moving a radio station is a complex and delicate task, involving complete dismantling of the current facility and the transportation and reinstallation in its new home.

About 103.9 Seymour FM:  Seymour FM is a locally and regionally based membership controlled, not-for-profit community broadcasting station.

Originally covering just Seymour, the radio station has been on the air for more than a decade. During this time, the station has attracted many willing and talented volunteers, expanding from a few interested and committed people to now being a well-established and fully equipped radio station for the whole region.

After many years of operating on temporary licences, in 2018, Seymour FM 103.9 was awarded a “long term” Analogue Community Radio Broadcasting Licence by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). In making the determination, ACMA imposed conditions for the station to achieve in the near future. These conditions, which are being successfully addressed, include an increase in Full Membership and program related matters.

103.9 Seymour FM continues to keep our loyal listeners, as well as many of the most isolated members in our community involved and informed through the sharing of music, local news, general interest stories and more. We know the value of our service not only to our seniors and home-bound listeners but also to our youth through on-going support for their involvement and development in media, through music and communications.   We need your support in achieving these outcomes. 

The instant and incredible offers to assist with equipment, labour and time, has been wonderful and is greatly appreciated by our volunteers and supporters.   We thank everyone who has contacted us so far.  

Now we begin the rebuild!

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