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Silvery Gibbon Project Inc.

Gibbon Conservation

The Silvery Gibbon Project raises funds for the conservation of gibbon species and habitat, especially the Silvery gibbon (Hylobates moloch), the last remaining ape species found in the jungles of Java, Indonesia.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Unfortunately, like so many species today, wild populations of gibbons are under threat due to habitat destruction and fragmentation from illegal logging, burning of forests for palm oil plantations, and encroachment from local human populations. In addition, many gibbons are still lost each year to the illegal pet trade, when adult gibbons are killed so that their babies can be sold in the markets as pets. The situation for these animals is dire. Wild population numbers continue to decline and for the Silvery (Javan) gibbon, our species of focus, numbers are estimated between 400 and 3,000. Many of these are confined to small fragmented areas of ever diminishing forest and are not considered viable populations.

The Silvery Gibbon Project is currently the primary supporter of the Javan Gibbon Centre (JGC), a rescue and rehabilitation facility in Java. SGP also support other gibbon conservation projects as well as education and capacity building programs in Java.

As well as ongoing operational costs for the JGC, a reintroduction program for Javan gibbons was established in 2009 and will require ongoing funding through SGP. We also plan to assist in the development of wild population and habitat protection programs in the near future and provide assistance to other gibbon conservation projects.

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