Surf Life Saving WA Inc

2017 BeachSAFE Appeal

Life is priceless,
But even the smallest donation can help us save one.

Every time someone makes a decision to swim between the red and yellow flags, or takes their family and friends to a patrolled beach, they are using the service provided by Surf Life Saving WA's volunteer surf lifesavers. The beach is free but actively providing this lifesaving service does cost.

In Western Australia volunteer Surf Lifesavers performed 109,430 patrol hours, 738 rescues, 17,730 preventative actions and administered first aid to 1,716 people in 2016/17!

To enable our volunteers to perform these actions they need the correct training and equipment - and this is where you come in! Every donation to the BeachSAFE Appeal goes directly back into assisting our volunteers in carrying out their life saving work.

How do we spend the money?

Rescue gear and equipment - this represents the biggest single cost to running lifesaving services in Australia.

Training our Lifesavers - To keep up with the increasing demand on our services, we need more Surf Lifesavers on our beaches. The cost of maintaining a Surf Life Saver's training is in excess of $850 each year but the benefits are enormous - safer beaches and safer communities.

Community Education - Prevention is always better than the cure so the best way to save lives is to ensure that those who use our beaches know how to stay out of danger.

By donating, you are directly helping us to ensure that WA's beaches are a safer place to swim!

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.