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White Wreath Association Inc - Action Against Suicide

Sock It To Suicide

During "Sock It To Suicide Week" we encourage everyone to wear bright coloured Socks/Stockings to their workplace, school etc and raise funds in support of White Wreath Association to help us combat our high suicide rate.

The White Wreath Association creates awareness about the misunderstandings relating to mental illness and provides community education concerning the lack of appropriate treatments. Our objective is to raise sufficient funds to establish safe haven centres for those who want a 'place of safety' at times when suicide threatens. With your help we'll achieve our goals and together reduce the frightening suicide figures growing at a staggering rate.

How will the funds be used?

75% of all donations received will go directly into our building fund account and 25% assisting us with costs to all the free services that we provide Australia wide.
  • National White Wreath Day - In remembrance of all victim of suicide is held on 29th May each year. The day is listed on National health calendars, state calendars, council calendars etc.
  • National Sock It To Suicide - held yearly during October this campaign is also listed on all calendars
  • We are contactable 24 hours a day on a 1300 number
  • We have a website with all our information where people can interact and a quarterly newsletter
  • Personal phone contact is made with those people who are in need of ongoing support
  • We advocate on behalf of those who need assistance between themselves, government departments, medical professionals and local authorities in relation to their own mental health with their full permission in writing.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.