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The Physical Disability Council of NSW

Disability Advocacy Alliance Stand By Me Campaign


The NSW Government currently has no plan to fund disability advocacy, representation or information after June 2020.

People with disability need to know that disability advocacy is here to stay. We deserve to know that we’ll have independent, specialist experts in our corner when and where we need them, and have our own voices heard.

Stand By Me is a campaign run by the NSW Disability Advocacy Alliance. We are a group of disability advocacy, information and peak representative organisations that empower people with a disability to have a voice, and say in NSW community.

Our campaign's aim is to secure long term, sustained funding so that we can continue to improve, protect and uphold the rights of people with disability in NSW. Now, and always!

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St Helens Community Centre, 3/184 Glebe Point Rd

(02) 9552 1606

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