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Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum and Gallery

Stellar Violets


Help bring forth an Annual Cultural Program at Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery, Manjimup Western Australia.

Ah, the hurdles! Before we bring forth tastes, tours, eco events & accommodation, Manjimup Shire requires Stellar Violets to rezone as an “exhibition centre”.

Plus we still need to fit out Trev the Trolleybus Eco Apartment for visitors and artists-in-residence, and buff and shine rather a few other bits and bobs.

How can you help? If you like what we're creating and want to see it happen, make a tax deductible donation before June 30, and help us spread the word.


Annual Cultural Program

Romancing the journey of life with Stellar Violets

*seasonal Nature Playgroup
* yoga, and other healthy daily practices
* World of preserving: plant, pick and preserve
* Tour de Stellar Violets // Living Museum Exhibits
* Art in the afternoon, & the morning too!
* train carriage library author talks
* organic gardening and farming
* gallery exhibitions
* women's retreats
* pop up dining

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21 Middlesex Road PO Box 1146

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.