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Stepfamilies Australia is a not-for-profit organisation offering information, education and resources to stepfamilies, blended families, carers, grandparents and children.

Throughout history stepfamilies and stepfamily roles have often been presented as a deficient or inferior version of the traditional nuclear family (e.g. Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella) rather than being recognised as a unique family form with unique issues and challenges but also special creativity and strengths. This has led to a strong perception of stigma, a sense of being marginalised and reluctance to identify as stepfamilies or to seek help.

Stepfamilies are today's largest growing contemporary family type....

Stepfamilies are today's largest growing contemporary family type, comprising 16.7% of all couple families with dependent children, but their unique issues are not well understood and few targeted resources and services exist.

Repartnering with children (step or blended families) is a totally different ball game to traditional or nuclear families. All members bring histories of loss as a foundation to building a new viable family unit. Respect and trust in these complex new relationships have to be earned, yet built 'on the run', all with children coming and going between two homes.

Stepfamilies Australia developed out of a network of state stepfamily associations, and is a respected, professionally resourced not-for-profit organisation. We provide specialist information, support and education for stepfamilies and training for professionals. We work to tackle the causes of stepfamily disadvantage, and to get stepfamily issues on governments' policy radar.

Our survival with minimal government support is a tribute to the passion of staff and volunteers that the next generation of stepfamilies not face the added burden of isolation and lack of community supports. Stepfamilies are unique. There is enormous potential for misunderstanding, ongoing conflict and disrupted development for children and young people; and ultimately family breakdown. In the midst of this complexity, they also offer new opportunities, new relationships and show how families can creatively adjust to change.

Family transitions can be daunting at the best of times - ideally they involve holding onto the good things from the past, letting go of baggage and moving on to a future offering new hope. For many repartnering families, there is often the added complexity of ongoing family conflict which refuses to go away. This can cause much pain, often permeating a whole lifetime unless help is to hand.

All these families need hope that there is a way through these challenges. With your support, we can continue to help them map their journeys to survival and strength.

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Helpline and support program
Relationship education courses for couples - "Making Stepfamilies Work"
Counselling program
  • Training services

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