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St Luke's Yea Restoration Appeal


St Luke’s Anglican Church has stood at the crossroads of Yea’s local community for 150 years. It is now in need of urgent repairs and we are looking for financial support to enable this to occur.

About St Luke’s

Constructed in 1868, this year marks St Luke's 150th Anniversary. It is recognised as a place of historic, aesthetic, architectural and social significance by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), and the Shire of Murrindindi.

As the oldest continually used church building in Yea, St Luke’s has ministered to people through the ravages of two World Wars, other wars, bushfires and floods. It has seen countless weddings, baptisms and funerals. Many families in the Yea district have had association with St Luke’s for many generations, the church has been an integral part of their family life in sadness and joy. 

St Luke’s has been a place of peace, prayer and beauty enjoyed by congregations, visitors and the wider community for generations. It is open every day for all who seek a place of quiet refuge in the heart of Yea. The challenge facing us is to ensure St Luke’s remains a place of welcome, ministry and outreach in the wider community for generations to come.

What needs to be done?

An assessment by our heritage architect has revealed that St Luke’s is suffering the from significant stress and damage to its plasterwork and stained glass windows, damp incursions, roof issues, and some structural concerns due to aging. The total cost of the restoration is approximately $560,000.

We have already been able to restore the two windows at a cost of $30,000. The Ferguson & Urie window dated 1868 is one of the earliest church stained glass windows in Victoria. The Brooks, Robinson & Co window was installed in the 1950s. 

Now we are looking to the next priority – the roof – which will stabilise the structure of the building and protect it from further water damage.  The estimated cost of the work is $160,000 subject to conditions revealed after the removal of the current tin roof.

St Luke’s parish is appealing for financial assistance to restore and maintain our historic church. 


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