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Spay means less strays


An essential part of ROLDA’s work is sterilising, where medically safe to do so, any dog we can. Romania’s current stray dog population is approximately 2.5million. The highest strays population from entire Europe! The most humane and effective way of preventing more dogs born into a life of suffering is a program of compassionate and comprehensive sterilisation.

In a bid to reduce the number of puppies born in the streets, we originally sterilised and returned homeless dogs. However, in 2016, it became illegal to return stray dogs to the streets, likewise dog owners now face penalties if they don’t sterilise and microchip their dogs. To avoid fines, many owners had no choice but to abandon their pets.

In response to this difficult legal situation, ROLDA began a campaign to both sterilise and microchip pets from owners and families that could not afford to do so. This campaign has three key positive outcomes:

1. The pets we sterilise can no longer breed with other pets or strays, resulting in a reduction in the overall stray population and prevents pets from having costly litters their owners cannot afford.
2. By sterilising/microchipping pets from poor families, keeping and caring for their pets becomes less of a financial burden, reducing the risk of abandonment.
3. Microchipping confers a legal responsibility upon the owner for their pet, acting as a strong deterrent to abandonment.

Romania is a poor nation, especially by Western standards. Many here have so little, barely affording to take care of themselves and their loved ones, let alone their pets. It’s heart- breaking to think of a family abandoned an adored pet so their children wouldn’t starve.
It’s a story we encounter all too often, though with your help we can change the ending of so many of those stories to one which sees a family kept together with the pets they love, and reducing the risk of animals born without a family to care for them.


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