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This year, Street Swags will distribute more than 5,000 swags across Australia, bringing the total since the charity began more than a decade ago to just under 50,000. Unfortunately, it’s a drop in the ocean when you consider that on any given night, 1 in 200 Australians are homeless and tens of thousands are sleeping rough.

It costs us $80 to provide one Street Swag to one homeless person. Between $51 - $60 of this is for the raw materials – canvas and foam. Our canvas and foam are are of the highest quality and standard, which is why they are used by the Australian Defence Force and also Australian household name products such as R M Williams and Driza-Bone.

Our swags are manufactured by men and women in Correctional Services Facilities across Australia including Woodford Prison Qld, Bandyup Women’s Prison WA and the Mid North Coast Correctional Centre in Kempsey NSW. Once sewn, the swags are assembled (foam inserted) and rolled (into a compact 2.5kg bundle) by school children at St Joseph’s College Nudgee just north of Brisbane and Scotch College in Perth. Without all these important helpers, volunteering their time, expertise and dedication to our work, the production of Street Swags would be impossible.

It costs us between $6 - $8 per swag to send them around Australia, ready for distribution, often to really remote places like Alice Springs, Launceston and Busselton. We distribute the swags through established agencies across Australia including Vinnie's, The Salvos, Mission Australia and a number of smaller community groups including soup vans, Rotary Clubs, Church groups etc.

If you have such a group working with the homeless in your local area, please let us know and we'd be happy to send some Street Swags their way.

The rest is our cost of operating as an organisation including staff wages and superannuation. We are small in size but we pack a powerful punch because we are extremely efficient. We keep our administration costs low by managing multiple tasks amongst our volunteers and ourselves.

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Street Swags.  We are so grateful for your support. With your help, we continue to provide warm, dry, comfortable bedding to those most in need.

On behalf of us all here at Street Swags, and of course on behalf of those in need that we support, Thank You.

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