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Sisters do not come much closer than Sue and Carolyn. Their photo portrays their kinship, friendship and love. They shared their lives and their dreams. Their hearts were sufficiently full as to look to the needs of others.

Sue, Carolyn's sister, tragically died in the Black Saturday bushfires in Strathewen, along with Sue's partner, Bob, Sue's son, Jon, and his two mates. Sue and Bob owned the pet shop in Diamond Creek. They were well-known and well-liked in the community and gave so much of themselves.

Sue and Carolyn were going to start a charity together before the bushfires. To make their dream a reality, Carolyn has taken the baton alone and is following through on their planned dream.

There are two ways we are raising money for our Emotional Wellness Centre, from donations and from our books.

Surviving Traumatic Grief Volumes 1 and 2 have been written to assist people following disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires. Over 3,000 books have been donated to survivors of disaster- affected communities across Australia, as well as Bangladesh, United States, Norway, United Kingdom and New Zealand. We have received positive feedback from our readers who have told us that the books have provided much help and comfort.

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