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Supporting Families During COVID19 and Beyond


This program aims to support families experiencing family violence during and beyond the COVID19 pandemic.

It is clear this pandemic is affecting families and increasing the incidence of family violence. We have experienced a huge increase in the need for our services. So far this year we have supported 708 families to access safe accommodation. Within our refuges we have had to change the way we support families, creating a strain on our resources. In particular the need to distance and isolate has affected the children and created urgent need for additional household appliances to reduce the risk of infection.

Once families leave our accommodation and set up a new home, they need food, clothing, home essentials such as bedding and blankets, and assistance with bills. This need has grown as has the demand for our outreach services and safety upgrades for clients’ homes.

Our Supporting Families During COVID19 and Beyond program aims to provide essential support during the current crisis with accommodation, counselling and outreach services, as well provide violence prevention programs and work towards a future free of family violence.

Our future priorities are to support women, children and men experiencing family violence. We offer empowerment programs for women who have fled violence, support for children to heal and grow, positive parenting programs for women and men, and perpetrator programs for men to gain the support they need.

We need your support to be able to continue to support families during COVID19 and beyond.

Join us as we work towards a future free of family violence.

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