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Survival Matters


We’ve all heard of global warming, did you know that there are ten (10) interlinked problems, threatening the long-term future of human societies around the world?

When we hear statements like these, most of us think the same thing:

“What’s the point of doing anything when everybody else doesn’t care or won’t take action also?”

We get it! We understand that solving these ten (10) problems is not going to be an easy fix. We also understand how overwhelming it all seems, and how it’s hard to see how you as an individual can make an impact.

But the groundswell in Australia needs to start somewhere. So if you are concerned about our future and believe that survival matters, then we encourage you to have an impact by starting with these three (3) simple steps.

Step 1 – Listen 

Australia21 has launched the ‘Survival Matters’ podcast series that aims to highlight threats to humanity and generate discussion about them. Throughout the series, we will be talking to a range of experts and specialists who will provide insights into what is happening to the world and what we can do.

Listen to these five (5) short podcasts to understand the ten (10) interlinked problems that we as a global community will need to overcome.

Get the podcasts here. 

Step 2 – Talk

We need to start conversations about these ten (10) interlinked problems. No one person, government or country, will be able to solve these problems alone. It’s going to take much discussion and deliberation to get there.

And you can help now, by starting a conversation with your family, friends, colleagues and school mates.  

Australia 21 is launching a campaign to help Australians have a platform to discuss the major issues identified in the Survival Matters podcasts. We have created Five (5) Big Questions that we encourage Australians to consider.

Host a dinner party, organise a BBQ, invite someone over for morning tea…let’s just get talking about the issues so we can help to solve them.

Download the Five (5) Big Questions here.

Step 3 – Support

Change can happen in two ways: the first through the people, and the second, through political and governmental action.

Let’s get all of Australia to listen, talk, support!

Help ‘Survival Matters’ reach as many Australians as possible through making a donation or by starting your own Crowd Raiser page to help generate funds to take this cause to the next level.

Start a CrowdRaiser page here. 

Just click the "Create a CrowdRaiser" button. Then search for "Survival Matters" in the "Cause" search field.   

With your help, we can enhance the probability of our children and grandchildren flourishing and surviving to a ripe old age, on a healthy and sustainable planet.

But to even dream of a positive future for our children, we urgently need a greater commitment to resolving the threats to their survival.

We need to understand them thoroughly, face them directly, and take resolute and global action to give us hope for the future.

Please encourage your friends and family to show their support for this critical cause.

Together we can make the world a better place.


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