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All children have the right to a formal primary and secondary school education. Unfortunately, in many remote parts of Australia this need is not being met.

Indigenous students in remote communities are being left behind by their non-Indigenous peers and also by their urban peers.

We want to change that.

You can help us build on their sense of pride in their communities and foster a love of learning, which together will boost their long-term educational outcomes.

What do we do?

Teachabout runs culture- and education-focused school holiday programs for kids in remote Aboriginal communities.

In so doing, we:
  • provide the kids with young adult mentors who are undertaking tertiary education;
  • build on core literacy and numeracy skills;
  • broaden the kids' minds by testing their understanding of the world;
  • reinforce the importance of their own culture;
  • introduce them to new concepts and topics;
  • emphasise the importance of formal education; and,
  • engage the kids over the holidays with lots of fun activities.
We are committed to responding flexibly to community needs and to creating a shame-free environment where participants feel safe in their identity and culture. We seek the strong involvement of community members throughout the program and we seek close relationships based on trust and respect with the kids, their families, the school and the community. We strive to provide a two-way learning experience.

All of our members, including our program Activity Leaders, are volunteers.

All of our Activity Leaders are either undergraduate or postgraduate university students.

How will the funds be used?

All funds received by Teachabout facilitate our on-site programs through the provision of activity materials and equipment, daily morning tea for program participants and travel expenses for Activity Leaders to access the communities. Activity Leaders volunteer their time, while continuing to pay for personal expenses, including food, throughout the program's duration.
  • $25 pays for one novel by an Indigenous author
  • $75 pays for a week's supply of morning tea for ten kids
  • $150 buys one digital camera + SD memory card
  • $300 pays for equipment for science experiments for thirty kids
  • $500 pays for paints, paint brushes and canvasses for thirty kids
  • $1,000 pays for cultural awareness training for five Activity Leaders
  • $3,500 pays for a one-way light aircraft chartered flight from Darwin to a remote community in the wet season
  • $12,000 pays for five Activity Leaders to conduct a four week program in a remote community in the dry season

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