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Ten02 Incorporated

Youth Services


Our Vision

We want to encourage the youth to work alongside adults in our community so they can learn vital life skills, while giving back to the local community. We aim to create a place where local youth can come and be empowered to learn to run a restaurant, to grow their own food and serve in the community.

Our Mission

Ten02 Incorporated is a Christian faith based organisation which uses its resources to support and operate community-based and in particular the association will:

• support, deliver and develop youth services;

 • support, deliver and develop youth based education and life skill development programs;

• partner with other like minded organisations to support and deliver job readiness and employment skill development for youth; 

• provide and support family education programs to develop skills to become financially self-sufficient; 

• support and deliver crisis accommodation; 

• support and deliver food relief for the disadvantaged within the region. 

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PO Box 18


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.