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Without decisive action, the economic and environmental threat that climate change represents will increasingly affect us all. Decisive action, however, can not only significantly boost clean energy and low carbon jobs and industries; it can create societies better in touch with natural and regional communities.

Who are we?

The Climate Institute was established in 2005, inspired by a clear understanding that the climate challenge demands a whole-of-society response. By seeking a majority of our support through individual donations and private philanthropy, the organisation maintains the necessary independence and freedom to provide truthful analysis and an objective perspective unencumbered by vested interests.

 Our vision is for a resilient Australia, prospering in a zero-carbon global economy, participating fully and fairly in international climate change solutions. We produce and communicate research in three key areas: international accountability, economic transformation and societal leadership.

 Climate change is the most formidable global challenge of our era, requiring solutions at every scale. To be most effective, we employ a collaborative approach across business, community and government.

How will the funds be used?

All funds donated will go towards supporting our ongoing research projects and communication campaigns. Ensuring that fact based analysis is undertaken on critical climate change issues and then clearly communicated to decision makers, opinion leaders and business and community leaders. It is essential to continue to raise public and political awareness about both the dangers to Australia of climate change and the economic and social opportunities that also exist if we take strong action.

 The funds will help us continue working on motivating communities, businesses and governments to take urgent and positive action to benefit all Australians.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Commissioning of critical research; development of accurate and timely reports; interactive online communication materials; creation of fact sheets and policy briefs; public dissemination of the findings and analysis targeting opinion leaders and decision makers.

The Climate Institute in action

Since 2005, The Climate Institute has been instrumental in helping achieve the following outcomes:
  • Australian carbon laws that make the largest polluters pay for their carbon output
  • Pioneering analysis of retirement funds exposure to climate and carbon risks plus their investment in low carbon solutions  
  • Reports on climate risks to Australian's health, wellbeing and infrastructure
  • Reporting community attitudes to climate risks and solutions
  • Unique analysis of the carbon competitiveness and productivity of G20 nations
  • The expanded Renewable Energy Target and a focus on carbon budgets
  • The first ever study of Australia's Un-burnable Carbon
  • Realistic assessments of carbon price impacts with ACOSS and CHOICE
  • Historic analysis of abatement potential of policies in our Federal Election 'Pollute-o-Meters'

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Level 15, 179 Elizabeth Street

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.