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Different… but the same
When we finish high school many of us want to work and contribute… just like you do. We want to be able to help ourselves and help others… just like you do. Because we have an intellectual or physical disability some of us need more education and training… just like many of you did.


It's a 'Catch 22' situation…
They tell us that we've had our education and we should now enjoy community access. They mean do recreational things for the rest of our lives and stay dependent on other people. We want to participate in our community just like you do. We want to keep learning, work or volunteer, earn money and pay taxes and become less dependent on others.

Compass helps us so we can help ourselves…
Compass is different… just like us. It gives us the chance to have further education, training and even jobs so we can be like you. Compass gets some money from the Government but nowhere near enough. We rely on our own fundraising and your generosity to provide many of our key facilities and resources.

Nothing succeeds like Success

Thanks to Compass and people like you I have a job now - I work two days a week at a Muffler factory near where I live and two days on the Compass Farm. I'm still learning new things and I even moved out of home last year. I'm very proud of what I can do now because I feel more like you. Thank you for helping me help myself…





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