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The Girls & Boys Brigade

Children & Youth


Our Mission:

"To support children and youth in need by providing recreation, education and activities that build life skills as a foundation for a brighter future".

A Child's story:

Chloe is 6 years old. She is living below the poverty line in a cramped Department of Housing apartment in Surry Hills with her brother, sister and mum. Her mum suffers a chronic illness that prevents her from working and places carer's responsibility on her kids.

Chloe is at risk of missing out on many important education and life opportunities which makes her chances of finishing High School lower and she is vulnerable to experiencing health, social and employment issues as she grows up.

She's one of hundreds of disadvantaged children and youth living in inner-city Sydney.

What do WE do?

We will be here to help Chloe until she reaches 18 and even beyond if needed. We support her education by welcoming her to our centre after school, helping her in our Homework Program and giving her access to a computer which she does not have at home.

We support her by strengthening her family's ability to cope; we try to alleviate stress by giving mum practical help specific to her needs in areas such as parenting, Centrelink, Department of Housing and the Education Department.

We will give Chloe experiences and respite that she otherwise wouldn't have through our Vacation Care and Camp programs; we take her to the theatre, water parks, national parks and more.

We aim to encourage and build a more positive future for Chloe by preventing her becoming disengaged from her education, family and community. We provide her with opportunities, life skills and long-term support that will help her become a resilient, capable and happy adult.

What can YOU do?

We receive NO government funding so donations are vital to our direct children and youth programs.

$25 provides a child with access to our Homework Program
$50 helps to provide amazing excursions during the school holidays
$100 sends a child or youth on a weekend excursion
$500 allows us to provide a family with ongoing support
$1000 sends a child or young person on a memorable camp
$5000 will significantly contribute to our children or youth holiday programs

Contact Details

404 Riley Street

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.