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Purple House

The Purple House


What do we do?

Purple House provides remote dialysis services and support in remote communities across remote Australia. Our 14 remote dialysis clinics and a mobile-dialysis unit called the Purple Truck help Indigenous patients and their families get back to their country and communities. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with renal failure, reunite families and reduce the incidence of kidney disease.

Why do we do it?

For many Aboriginal people from remote communities, kidney failure means moving hundreds of kilometres away from your home. In town, you sit down and wait for the next of your alternate day dialysis treatments to stay alive, feeling lost and missing family and community life. Back home, your community feels your absence. You are not there to teach your grandkids and look after country, to pass on cultural knowledge and plan for the future.

Purple House helps people get home to country where they can look after, and be looked after by, their families and communities.


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