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B Miles Women's Foundation

Supporting Homeless Women to Survive During COVID-19 Crisis


Women in recovery from homelessness and trauma or family violence are at risk of poorer health and wellbeing and require specialised psychological support. For the last decade, state services have been trimming back their mental health programs. While Medicare subsidises ten psychology sessions per year, women experiencing poverty cannot afford to pay gap fees and complex needs cannot be addressed within a ten session treatment plan. There is a gap in the health sector that makes psychological therapy out of reach for women recovering from homelessness.

With your help, this project will;

1. Remove barriers to mental health support and therapy for women in recovery from homelessness. No complex system to navigate and no fees!

2. Stop the perpetuation of poverty by ensuring that women are supported to access the services and programs that they are entitled to. For women experiencing financial hardship, fees for medical professionals are unrealistic and it is very difficult to get quality Medical Assessments completed for Centrelink, NDIS and Housing Pathways. This project includes the provision of psychological assessment and the necessary documentation required by government agencies for individuals to apply for services and products that are vital for survival, mental health recovery and for exiting homelessness.

3. Support women to have the best possible chance of exiting homelessness, maintaining stable housing and mental wellbeing 

4. Bring about healing, recovery, self confidence, wellbeing, meaning, and social inclusion for women recovering from homelessness.

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