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Building a house for people with intellectual disabilities

Have you ever felt afraid for someone you love, and despite doing everything you could humanly do, you couldn't find an answer?

You could share in the joy of finding an answer for five families who desperately need one, by helping The Tipping Foundation and Frankston Peninsula Carers to build a house for people with intellectual disabilities.

We're in the final stage of fundraising. Your donation will help us to commence construction of the house this year.

Marj is 81 and her daughter Jeannie is in her fifties. Their story illustrates why it is so important to build the house at Balnarring.

Marj has worked tirelessly, not only to find Jeannie a safe and fulfilling home for her future, but also to help more than 350 families who are on the waiting list in her region of Melbourne.

However, Marj fell and was injured badly in 2015. She had to move from the family home she had shared with Jeannie, to a retirement village. She had been determined that when the time came and she couldn't support Jeannie herself, that responsibility would not fall on her other children. Marj explains:

"I feel very privileged to be Jeannie's mother and she has enriched my life, but I've seen the impact on those second-generation carers when they have the day to day responsibility for a much-loved sibling with a high level of disability".

"Jeannie has coped amazingly in her life. She was born with an undeveloped nervous system and dislocated hips. She did not breathe spontaneously when born and so sustained brain damage. When her orthopedist discovered she had no hip sockets, the only solution was bone grafts, each operation meaning several months in underarm to feet plaster. The left socket was never properly resolved, and consequently, Jeannie now has a very bad limp, her body is twisted and she has arthritis".

"But you know, Jeannie feels she is looking after me. She asks me every day 'are you OK Mum?'"

Jeannie is a very sociable person and is now at the stage, as she gets older and less physically able, where she needs to be living in supported accommodation with compatible people who can be like a second family for each other.

"We have waited so long! I've been in contact with the Department of Health and Human Services for years, and they do their best. But at times it seemed that putting Jeannie into a nursing home would be the only thing that would get her to the front of the list, and I couldn't do that."

Marj is a member of the inspiring Frankston Peninsula Carers group with whom The Tipping Foundation is partnering to build the house at Balnarring. The local Anglican church is generously making land available.

Your gift will bring joy to families like Marj and Jeannie who will, at last, find an answer to their search for a safe and fulfilling future for an adult son or daughter when they can no longer support them at home.

Please donate or set up a regular gift today.

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