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The LiveAbility Project

Will you help us to build houses in Victoria's country towns that will enable people with severe disability and mental illness to live independently but also in reach of family and professional support when they need it?

We feel passionate about this project and we hope you will be too.

  • People with disabilities are three times more likely to live in poverty
  • Almost half (48%) of people with severe or profound disability have mental health problems, compared to 6% of people without disability
  • Among the most vulnerable, are people in rural and regional areas who have complex support needs.

The first unit, to be constructed at Ballarat, will enable a young man with a complex disability and mental illness to live independently but within reach of our support when he needs it, and the support of his Grampians family. The project will also free up the adjacent intensive support unit that he currently lives in so that a young person from another local family can get the 24 hour support they need.

These young pople and their families have endured unimaginably tough roads from childhoods back and forth from Melbourne hospitals, through breakdown and trauma as young adults. They are making extraordinary progress with us, but that's the rub - appropriate housing that would enable them to take their next step is extremely rare in country Victoria.

The program will go on to similarly benefit people with severe disability and mental illness for whom appropriate specialist disability housing options do not exist in Victoria's country towns.

The broader context is that while the National Disability Insurance Scheme will improve funding. choice, and control, for people with disabilities in relation to services, there is still an immense unmet demand for housing. There are currently more than 1500 people on the waiting list for specialist disability accommodation in Victoria. That number is estimated to grow substantially in the coming decade. There are estimated to be 520,000 carers over the age of 65 in Australia.

Tim's story

Tim and his family have endured a very rough road, from Tim's continuous hospitalisations throughout childhood, to his dislocation and trauma as a young adult. His parents were despairing after a series of earlier placements had failed catastrophically.

At the lowest point, it appeared that the only option left was in Dandenong, hours from their home in Stawell. The turning point came when the Tipping Foundation was able to offer Tim a single unit near Ballarat with 24 hour support. Tim settled and began to turn his life around. Over the months that followed his need for support has decreased progressively.

Tim is ready to take the next step, but moving to shared accommodation could tragically undo all his hard work. The new independent unit is vital for Tim, and the intensively supported unit that has helped him to recover, can now help Keira.

Your one off donation or regular monthly gift will help two families turn the corner on heart-breaking journeys, and will do the same for others in the future!

Planning for the first unit at Ballarat is well advanced. We have already raised $120,000 of the $200,000 required for construction, landscaping and furnishing. 

Will you help us build this unit? No amount is too small. Journeys are made of individual steps, and houses of individual bricks.

Please donate or set up a regular gift today.

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