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Turtle Oblonga Rescue and Rehabilitation Network Inc

Aphrodite's legacy

Although turtles are a symbol of longevity, the lives of turtles like Aphrodite are constantly under threat; our turtles need your help.

Aphrodite's wetland home of the last 40 years was recently filled in to make way for yet another housing development in Perth's metropolitan housing boom. She'd managed to find refuge in a drain which ran alongside a busy road. As she was attempting to cross the road she was hit by a car.

Aphrodite was rescued by a kind-hearted motorist . As a large mature turtle in the prime of life an x-ray revealed that she was carrying 15 eggs. Unfortunately, Aphrodite's injuries were so severe she had to be euthanased.

Aphrodite's eggs were harvested and incubated for the next eight months until 15 precious little hatchling turtles provided some much needed joy for our volunteers. Had Aphrodite's eggs been laid and hatched in the wild, it is unlikely all 15 eggs would have hatched, let alone survived the perilous search for water once they had left their nest.

Turtles have been around for 200 million years, outliving the dinosaurs, but in the 200 years since white settlement their survival has become uncertain. Will these evolutionary marvels continue to exist in our midst for another 200 years ?

Turtles everywhere are in a similar position; their habitat continues to be destroyed, or surrounded by new housing and roads. Turtles which were previously safe, and unseen, are now increasingly being forced into contact with dangers of urban living as they look for alternative water bodies and nesting sites, activities which invariably involve negotiating busy roads, high curbs and unleashed dogs.

What do we do ?

Our volunteer Network rescues and rehabilitates wild oblonga (long neck) turtles and, when we've restored them to good health, we release them into a suitable waterbody which will be safe from development, and where we hope they may live out their lives for the remainder of their 80 year lifespan.

Raising community awareness about our turtles' plight, is just as important as rescue and rehabilitation. We provide community information on turtles and turtle habitat and collaborate with all levels of government and private enterprise on issues affecting turtles. Our turtles need all the friends they can get; they need you on their side.

What can you do ?

You can help turtles like Aphrodite, by helping us to help them.

Your gift will enable us continue to be able us to provide professional and compassionate care or these innocent urban refugees.

Since our formation in 2011, turtle admissions have increased dramatically as a result of our work in raising awareness of the plight of our turtles.
  • $10 pays for pain relief for one of our many shell-fracture cases
  • $20 buys frozen brine shrimps and bloodworms to feed turtle hatchlings which have voracious appetites for their tiny size
  • $40 buys the disposable needles and syringes we need to administer pain relief, antibiotics and rehydrating fluids
  • $50 pays for a course of antibiotics; most turtles admitted require a course of 7-14 injections
  • $80 buys a 160 litre plastic tub compete with filter and submersible water heater to house Stage Two pre-release cases; each turtle is housed in its own heated and filtered tub • $100 helps toward our ongoing veterinary costs which include x-rays, blood tests and surgical procedures
  • $300 buys a heated vivarium to house intensive care cases
Join us at to learn more about our work and how your gift can help.

Give today so that your grandchildren may also have the pleasure of seeing Oblong turtles in the wild.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

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