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Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Association

Umeewarra Radio - South Australia's only Aboriginal radio s


We need to keep a strong Aboriginal voice in the media. We need to have the opportunity to share cultural knowledge with the wider community.

Umeewarra Media - keeping culture strong

How will the funds be used?

The funds will go towards our culture show. This program enables us to share and highlight the different cultures and language groups in our Aboriginal community.

In Port Augusta there are over 35 different language groups and it is important to share information on all of these groups.

We need to be able to show that Aboriginal culture is as relevant today as it has always been.

We break down barriers in our community and build pride in Aboriginal cultures. We promote true reconciliation through a better understanding.

Key areas of expenditure

Funds will be used to employ young Aboriginal people to run the culture show to share our cultures.

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PO Box 2191

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.