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In areas of South Australia, 1 in 3 children start school without the skills they need to read, learn and succeed at school and in life.

Right now, United Way South Australia has one priority: to improve pre-schooler’s literacy and school readiness, particularly in communities with higher levels of disadvantage, and support parents in their role as their child’s first educator.

United Way South Australia prioritises its focus on the early years as a preventative measure, as poverty experienced in the first five years of life is especially harmful to children’s development. To be poor is to be denied the resources required to meet basic needs and thus prevented from realising one’s potential – economically and socially. [1]

Intervening in the early years to improve educational outcomes for children is crucial to help break the cycle of disadvantage. Early education is a key strategy that can positively influence all children in overcoming the impact of early disadvantage on educational outcomes and life chances. [2]

Research shows learning to read is one of the most important factors in educational attainment, and early exposure to books and stories substantially contributes to success at school. 

The Imagaination Library program currently provides more than 500 disadvantaged children, aged 0 to 5 years, the gift of an age-appropriate book every month, helping them to reach their true potential. However, there are many more children in need of our program and risk falling through the gaps and into the cycle f disadvantage. Help United Way SA provide these children the chance to thrive!

Please donate today and help disadvantaged children prepare for school ready to Read, Learn and Succeed.

$10 per month provides  a child with the gift of a monthly book pack.

$15 per month provides a child the gift of a monthly book pack plus supports a familiy to attend Possum's Playhouse weekly reading sessions

$50 per month provides 5 children with the gift of a monthly book pack

$75 per month provides 5 children with the gift of a monthly book pack plus supports 5 families to attend Possum's Playhouse.

$100 per month provides support for 10 children to receive the monthly book packs.

$150 per month provides 10 children with the gift of a monthly book pack plus supports 10 families to attend Possum's Playhouse.


[1] Monks, H. (2017). The impact of poverty on the developing child. [CoLab Evidence Report]. Retrieved from

[2] O’Connell, Megan, Stacey Fox, Bronwyn Hinz, and Hannah Cole. 2016. Quality Early Education For All Fostering Creative, Entrepreneurial, Resilient And Capable Learners. Ebook. Victoria: Mitchell Institute.


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