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Many people in regional WA were suffering mosquito bites that lead to the debilitating Ross River Virus. In 2004, the Val Lishman Health Research Foundation funded research that investigated predisposing factors that would improve management of Ross River Virus in the southwest of Western Australia. The findings of this research helped improve health outcomes by pinpointing high risk areas, identifying factors to help predict human outbreaks and knowing the areas of peak incidence to inform planners when considering areas of human population.

In 2011, the project "Enhancing the quality of life of breast cancer survivors in the South West of Western Australia" was funded by the Val Lishman Health Research Foundation. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of, and to identify the major factors that contributed to psychosocial distress amongst breast cancer survivors in South West WA. The study also aimed to highlight the factors that influenced survivors' ability to thrive and develop resilience.

The study revealed satisfaction with health information relevant to the patients clinical situation and satisfaction with information specific to side effects associated with the form of treatment. Support from friends, support from partners and concern about body image impacted significantly on optimism and feelings of helplessness, which in turn, affected survivors' psychosocial wellbeing. Factors which influenced psychological wellbeing included, age, distance from treating centre and the type of surgery that patients underwent (eg mastectomy Vs less radical surgery).

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The Val Lishman Health Research Foundation funds health research that makes significant health gain for regional Australians. Potential health research projects undergo a rigorous assessment process. Having satisfied the stringent requirements of the Research Management Committee, approved projects are funded, either directly or via external grants, community donations or fundraising.

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