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Monkey Baa Theatre for Young People

Have You Ever Felt Invisible?


A recent report submitted to the United Nations on the Rights of the Child found that in Australia in 2018 'children and young people repeatedly spoke of feeling 'invisible' to adults within government, community and family.


As a primary school student in Liverpool, New South Wales, said: 'It feels like sometimes they don't even know you're there. Like they can't see or hear you.' ' - Child Rights Task Force NGO Coalition Report for UNCRC, 2018 


Each year Monkey Baa Theatre Company brings theatre-making workshops to young people around Australia who may otherwise be overlooked. An integral part of our process is in working collaboratively with young people: their voices reflected in the work we create for them.


In 2019, Monkey Baa Theatre Company will embark on a national tour of Possum Magic, adapted from the best-selling Australian children’s book by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas. In this famous tail, Grandma Poss famously travels to every corner of the country on her single-gear bicycle in her effort to make her precious Hush visible. At Monkey Baa, we are on the same mission.


With your help, we want to reach more children than ever before through our exceptional touring Education workshop program.


Please help us deliver 350 Possum Magic workshops across metropolitan, regional and remote Australia.

  • $30 will provide ten children with their first experience of a theatre workshop
  • $80 will help us deliver a Possum Magic workshop to an entire class
  • $250 will get Grandma Poss from the bush to the coast and across the seas
  • $500 will buy a LOT of lamingtons

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.


Working collaboratively with young people is an integral part of our process. During a recent creative discovery workshop for Possum Magic with the students of Bankstown West Primary School, we asked the group to show us what 'invisible' looks like. Some hid, others crouched down, and one boy simply covered his face with his hands.


It is so important to us that young people have a creative voice and that it is reflected in the work we create for them. Our workshops are delivered by artists on the stage or in the classroom to empower young people in their creative choices, build self-expression and nurture collaborative communication.


Please donate today. Each donation is one more child who feels visible.


'The overall increase in communication skills and confidence amongst our students is due to the incredible efforts brought from those at Monkey Baa. While these outcomes are desirable for all children, in a multicultural and low socioeconomic community such as ours, these are essential.' - Felicity Bonello, Principal, Bankstown West Public School


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