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Walama Muru comes from the Bidjigal language, and means “return to path”. This name captures the spirit of the program as Walama Muru is all about coming together, learning from one another, and walking the path toward justice, truth, and deep connection. Walama Muru exists to foster connections based on respect and mutual understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, communities and cultures. We want to do our part in moving toward a more equitable Australia in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and communities are respected and celebrated. We work towards this vision by partnering and collaborating with local and regional Indigenous communities in reciprocal relationships of care, facilitating the sharing of knowledge, culture, resources and experiences in order to better understand each other and address ongoing injustices. 

Throughout the year, we will support Indigenous communities, organisations and initiatives through financial giving and volunteer work. All of our contributions will be a result of consultation and direction from Indigenous elders, leaders and community members. We will also dedicate ourselves to listening to and learning from Indigenous communities and individuals by visiting regional Indigenous communities and participating in local Indigenous cultural events.

Each year since 2008, about 20 Walama Muru volunteers have been welcomed to a regional Aboriginal community. These trips involve development projects, depending on the community's wants, as well as opportunities to learn specifically about the community. These community trips provide great opportunities for our volunteers to learn, in context, the history, experiences and culture of Aboriginal people in different communities.

Your donations will be put directly towards:

1. Funding community development projects that we will be completing in partnership with our host community

2. Supporting local Indigenous businesses and organisations in our host community and in Sydney.

**Let us know which volunteer you are supporting by ticking 'Notification: Leave a Message to the organisation' and entering the their name.

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