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Musaeus College Past Pupils Association - Victoria

Maintenance of Water Purification Plant


MCPPA Victoria has installed  water purification devices and water tanks  at Anuradhapura (Periyakulama)  from the funds raised from the major fundraising event, the annual dinner dance – “Blast from Past 2018 with the assistance from various sponsors, well-wishers, and the great efforts of our Association members.

In order to help our fellow Sri Lankans living in rural areas who are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, which is considered to be aggravated due to lack of clean drinking water,  we installed this water tank at the premises of Sri Ashokarama Temple in Anuradhapura, Periyakulama, Siwalakulama (35 Kms from Anuradhapura) with the guidance of Professor Channa Jayasumana (MBBS,PhD, FRCP Edin – Head, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Rajarata University, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka) and the assistance of ChemeeRo Pty Ltd

MCPPA Victoria has been funding ongoing regular maintenance of the water purification unit installed at  Anuradhapura, to maintain the proper functionality of the water purification unit.

MCPPA Victoria will continue to donate additional funds for the replacement of the following filters regularly.

Sediment Filter – Every 3 months
Carbon Filter – Every 10 -12 months
Mineral Filter – Every 12 – 15 months
Post Carbon Filter – Every 12 -15 months
RO Membrane – Every 1 -2 years


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