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Whitelion Inc

Help Whitelion in it's work with disadvantaged young people


For nearly 20 years Whitelion has supported thousands of young Australians to reach their full potential

Whitelion believes in… an Australia where every young person has equal opportunity to thrive.

Whitelion collaborates with… local communities, services, businesses and government to find solutions to the issues facing at-risk youth.

Volunteerism shows young people they are important…each year over 300 individuals are trained by Whitelion to be mentors or support mobile outreach services

Whitelion does the following in your community

  • Delivers prevention programs in schools

  • Provides mobile outreach services for homeless & disengaged youth

  • Helps homeless young people find stable housing

  • Provides case management & mentor programs to connect young people to their community & opportunities

  • Connects young people to education, training & employment to increase their economic participation rates

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