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West Hobart Peace Park Community Group Inc.

Remember The Animals

Who we are - the Peace Park in West Hobart was established in the International Year of Peace - 1986.

The Peace Park provides an accessible public space that celebrates arts and culture and supports community interaction to promote reflections on peace.

What we do - The West Hobart Peace Park Community Group Inc promotes the development of this beautiful park. Community Group members have promoted a number of Peace Park development projects, including the evocative statue In Blanket, several remembrance plaques, a rose arbour, and a number of seats, with the assistance and support of organizations such as the Hobart City Council, the Buddhist Community of Hobart, and the Goulburn Street Primary School.

WE ARE SEEKING SUPPORT FOR OUR CURRENT PROJECT - REMEMBER THE ANIMALS - which will be the installation in the Peace Park of a permanent artwork to commemorate the animals that have been active, but involuntary, participants in all armed conflicts in which Australia has been involved.

As a country we regularly acknowledge the human costs of war. We too rarely acknowledge the horses which carried wounded soldiers, the cats that protected ships, hospitals and supply depots from rats, the pigeon messengers, the dogs who located munitions and personnel who had been injured and all the other animals which were drafted into war and often left behind when the conflict was over.

What you can do - The Community Group is in the process of engaging Tasmanian artists and designers for the development, fabrication and installation of the REMEMBER THE ANIMALS artwork. The budget for the Project is $15,000 - $20,000.

YOU CAN HELP by making a donation towards the costs of completing the Project, to ensure that the contribution of the animals is not forgotten.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.